Incisive Financial Services

Incisive Financial Services, LLC is a company that offers a wide range of products and services to individuals, employees, and business owners. We dedicate our lives to helping people gain a better understanding of the world of finance so they can maximize their potential in achieving their goals and be confident to take the first step.

We offer a wide ranges of products that fit your needs.

 Employer Retirement Plan Programs for Employee

Businesses should offer qualified retirement programs for their employees. This will help longer retention for important employees or of the key person for the success of the business. If you need guidance on how to set up retirement programs for your employees, please contact us at no cost to you.

IFS’s Retirement Plans

Understanding the benefits of setting up retirement programs for yourself or for your employees is essential. Our company will help you guide the processes. Our retirement plans includes:

College Planning

A strategic game plan is essential for your passion to put into action. Have a game plan for your dream college. Developing your passion and putting it to the next level is quite challenging. Finding the best way to fund your college tuition is one of them. Please reach us for guidance on our unique college programs.



The most common qualified retirement program is 401(k). Your money will grow tax-deferred and you will be taxed when withdrawn.  A 10% penalty will charge if withdrawn before 59 ½ of age.  This is subject to required minimum distribution (RMD). Some companies offer certain percentage of matching. This is a free money that employee should never ignore.

There are other alternatives to 401(k) where your money in cash value account will grow tax-deferred but can be structured as tax free income stream at age of your choice. You can have easy access of your money without penalty and deliver immediate protection for your love ones. Please set up an appointment with us if you want to learn more.

401(k) Rollover

If you leave your job, we can help you roll over your 401(k).  Keep in mind that if it is not done properly, you get tax and penalized 10%.  It is necessary to have a professional guide ro you in rolling over your retirement to avoid taxes and penalty.

Early Mortgage Pay Off

Paying your mortgage early requires dedication and proper strategic planning. There are several ways that you can pay off your mortgage sooner that the term of your contract. Most people do not know the fact that it takes 21 years to pay just half of the mortgage amount if your just pay the level monthly payment. The majority portion of your payments in early years will go to your interest and not to your principal.  Please do not hesitate to contact us and set up an appointment at no cost to you on how to pay off your mortgage early.

3 -to-1 Bank Leverage Concept

Most millionaires use leverage to make them more money. They use someone else money to increase their profitability. Leverage if use properly can enhance your investment returns. Please reach us for more information to avail the programs.


There are several types of annuities that we can tailor your needs. If you have a lump sum of money that you do not need right away but you want to grow in a safer environment with tax free growth advantage and distribute it later in life, we can help you set up an account with us. If you need an additional stream of income for life to supplement your other retirement account, we can guide you open an account at no cost to you.

Tax Advantages Programs

The government impose taxes on everyone whether you are a low- income earner or high-income earner. Taxation affects differently from poor people to wealthy individual. There are three categories of taxes impose by the US government to the people. They are regressive, proportionate and aggressive taxation. Two of these affect poor and wealthy individual differently. Whatever category of taxation affected us, we all pay taxes through income, sales, property, capital gain tax, etc. However, IRS allows us to avail some of the loop holes if you know how. Contact us to learn more of the tax advantages program.