In an untimely death of bread winner, are you prepared?

Our life on earth is uncertain. Some will grow old until they crawl and pee their pants. Others will just drop dead even if they look healthy, exercise daily and eat heathy foods. In short, we will never know when we face our Creator. When our time comes, it will come and sometimes it comes with no warning leaving our family with an inheritance.  The problem is we leave our family with debt and not money to support them. It is also more problematic if the bread winner of the family will exit first.  It is very important to be prepared when our time comes.

Life insurance which comes in different forms will protect our family in times of their needs. It will pay some of the monthly bills. It can help your kids continue their college education. What if the bread winner will not die early but contracted terminal illness? In today’s life insurance, your family will not only get the money when you are dead but can accelerate the access of your death benefits while still living with qualifying conditions. If you contract a terminal illness and are expected to die within two years. You also qualify if you’ve been diagnosed with an illness that will reduce your expected lifespan, if you need organ transplant because of illness.