College Planning

Can you afford to go to college?

A strategic game plan is essential for your passion to put into action. Have a game plan for your dream college. Developing your passion and putting it to the next level is quite challenging. Finding the best way to fund your college tuition is one of them. Please reach us for guidance on our unique college programs.

In order for us to get a good paying job in the future, we must get a better education. Going to college and pursue our dream is very challenging and we need all the support we can get. Early and proper planning is essential. The rising cost of education makes more tougher for the students to afford the college tuition fees. 

Paying For College

An increasing cost of college education puts a financial burden to our dreams.

Let us talk the options for paying for tuition.

Options for Paying College

There are several options on how to pay for college tuition fees.

529 Plans
Serving in the Military
Other Savings Plan
IFS Unique Strategy

Pros and Cons of 529 Plans and IFS Unique College Program

Savings plan 529 is the most common option known to most people. It has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. However, there is another option that might be beneficial to most people. Below are the pros and cons of these two options.

Pros and Cons of 529 Plans and IFS Unique College Program

529 Savings Plan

  • State may offer income tax deductions
  • Tax-free growth
  • No taxes on withdrawals for qualified expenses
  • No income or age limits
  • Large contributions are permitted depending on state rules
  • Can switch beneficiaries

IFS Solution (Pros)

  • Money can be use for qualified as well as unqualified expenses
  •  Tax-free growth
  • No penalty even if money is withdrawn for unqualified expenses
  • Does not participate in market downturn, safety, zero risk
  • Money does not affect in applying for loans, grant, scholarship and any financial aids.

529 Savings Plan

  • Have to use money for intended purposes only or pay penalty
  • Limited to only one beneficiary
  • Limited choices of investments
  • Risky, could potentially loss your investments if choose unwisely

IFS Solution (Cons)

  • You have to in standard healh or better
  •  The earlier to start the better.